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& Happy 2nd Anniversary Jeff!!

pic by Nicole of Green Door Photography:)


Headspace wrap up

It was a fabulous night! Jamie, Lee, and Dom of Headspace studio and all the artists and musicians and the staff at Absinthe cafe really pulled off an awesome inspiring event! The doors were open until 7pm- after 5am in the morning and the party didn't stop. Leigh's performance was beautiful and intune with my photos that were projected on her, it was amazing!
I met some really talented and interesting people and only wish we were staying longer so we could experience another event like this!
Please see the video Jeff recorded in HD here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWjRyHvlQuc it's only 6 minutes and you will enjoy every bit of it:) make sure to click the HD setting!

Did you see the video "Fleeting"? haha, here is the link again:


Headspace Art & Music Festival!!!

I'm so excited to be a part of this awesome arts & music festival in Osaka! Leigh will be dancing while my images will be projected on to her! I really hope to capture some video of this first time, but long time in coming, idea. If you saw our "Imageography" projects, you can perhaps imagine what it could look like... although the event is tonight, I haven't seen it come together yet. We've been so busy packing (Jeff and I are leaving Osaka in 4 days!!!!!) and Leigh's mom has been here, so while I've been taking pics and making the video, she's been choreographing, and I really can't wait to see it come together! Anyways, I'll also have some arty prints for sale, and I'll try to post those here soon for you to see....
If you're in Osaka, I hope to see you TONIGHT!!!
~ morgan


Osaka Yoga Classes!

Many of you have met my friend Leigh by now, through our various photo and video projects... but now meet the real-everyday Leigh ;) Humble, loving, and wise, she is dedicated to practicing Ashtanga style yoga and she now has the space to share it with you (and me)! She is recently back from studying in India and is always full of insights and motivation to get you into your practice.

Check out her blog here: http://brinsonleighkresge.blogspot.com/p/current-class-schedule-and-other.html You'll find the class schedule- two a week! map, and bio. and you can read more of her thoughts and experience with yoga... hope to see you there!

This is the room where we practice! It's very zen :)


1st shoot of the new year!

meet Vivi. the granddaughter of Peter and Lin who look after her in Hong Kong. Jeff and I met up with them while we were there, since I had done a couple photo shoots for them in Portland, it was fitting we schedule one while I was in HK!

this is her "smile for candy" face :)

and the "I'm 2, but can only hold up one finger."

Peter and Lin took us around HK and to some hard to reach places!

I love all her little expressions!

I wish we had more time in this beautiful outfit, but for a 2 year old- you have to take what you can get ;)

Happy Chinese New Year... coming soon!
I wonder if I can find any celebrations her in Japan... hmmm....
- m


HAPPY 2010!!!

We celebrated the New Year in perhaps one of the most international cities in the world- Hong Kong! During the countdown I could here at least 4 different languages. Hong Kong is a city of life, beauty, and frenzy. The 5 days we spent here was a mix of old and new, old markets and temples, to tall tall buildings and fancy shopping centers. I really enjoyed the lush plantings that are growing out of every inch of soil that doesn't have concrete on it.

Looking back on 2009, seems like yesterday, we were gearing up to move to Japan. The year flew by, which is perhaps why I didn't do so well updating my blog this year! Not that I haven't been taking tons of pics and having many of wonderful experiences, the proof is in our shared blog http://boltonsans.blogspot.com/ ...

Last year I set my New Year's resolution to take one photo every day and upload it on Flickr, well- I did it! and I was still going along until a few days after the New Year, I thought- wait- I completed the year! So I made a set of 2009 you can see here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/morganpacebolton/

This year (the year of being 30!) has some high callings. My top 3 Resolutions for 2010 are:

1. get my website where it should be, market the photography I love to do- so I can do more of it!
2. practice yoga more! more than say 3 times a week...(which I'm not even currently at!)
3. practice meditation

I think putting your intentions out there is really helpful. I'm also working on a list idea I got, "101 on 2010" putting out many intentions and wants, then perhaps in a few years you can check your list and see where you stand. I think my mom taught me to make lists :)

Anyways, may 2010 bring you all Love, Peace, and Happiness!


Leigh does Laundry

My lovely friend Leigh had this concept kind of like a broken doll in a laundromat. Instantly I was up for the task and just had to get over my shyness of shooting in a public place (in a small neighborhood laundromat in Japan)- which we had already done a few times.. but still.
We pretty much had the place to ourselves until Leigh had her feet partially in one of the dryers and the owner came out from the hidden backroom and said- basically we could do what we want- but no feet in the dryer! We guess he'd been watching us on some spy cam for the whole hour before we got to that!
Here are just a few shots, there are a few more here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mofotoflickr/